The Importance of Teaching Children Diversity Early on

NOT only adults, children often interpret beauty as white skin, tall body, to long straight hair. While boys also interpret cool figures such as the heroes in Hollywood movies, namely white, tall, and stocky figures. This understanding cannot in fact be underestimated. Because in the future it could lead to potential racist attitudes. Children can be less appreciative of people who don’t have that kind of physique. In fact, it is more ironic, when children can look down on themselves for not being white, tall, and slim. To avoid such racist attitudes, respect for physical and racial diversity must be taught early on. That means from the age of 3, according to the results of the experts’ research.

“They learn, interact, grow, and build their understanding of their world through the game. They learn about social and family relationships through games, including how to connect and interact with others,” Dr …

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